KIND words have poured in for a Barrow mum who was lauded by her daughter for the years of devotion and care she has given to her family.

Laura Beck cared for husband Shaun after he suffered a stroke in January of last year, adding it to her duty of supporting the rest of the family.

She works at Sacred Heart RC Primary School, the same school that daughter Jasmine, 17, attended.

She is also mother to Georgia, 21, Billy, 24, and Harry, 13.

Jasmine said: "She is doing so well coping during lockdown while working as a key worker at Sacred Heart School.

“She’s been a teaching assistant for the last 10 years.

“No matter how rubbish she is feeling she always manages to push through and put a smile on our faces and go to work. She is the best mum anybody can think of.

“My dad had a stroke last year before the first lockdown and since then she has always been willing to help and keep everybody happy.

“While he was recovering, he couldn’t leave home, neither could our grandmother who doesn’t drive and had to stay in due to the virus, so she did the shopping for everyone."

And readers were quick to pay tribute to Mrs Beck after seeing her recognised in The Mail.

Kelsey Glover said: "Aww Laura.

"What lovely children you have raised.

"A true credit to you."

Jen Cox said: "Well deserved.

"You are an amazing lady who cares for everyone else before herself."

Anne Johnson said: "Well done Laura.

"Lovely words."

Tracey O'connor said: "Laura Beck you so deserve this.

"It's lovely to see."