LIDL has released a list of places in the UK where it wants to build new stores, and 11` of them are in Cumbria.

The supermarket chain says it wants to "continue our phenomenal growth" and "double our portfolio", which currently boasts more than 800 sites across the UK.

Timothy Vinnie said: "Just wait until the Nimby's in Keswick & Windermere are made aware of Lidls vision of growth."

Edgar Rousel said: "They had one in Whitehaven and closed it down. yet it's marked to build a new one. Doesn't make sense."

Tina Barber said: "There were so many closures in the last few years. Particularly over the last five years. Was always really quiet since so this could be a good sign."

Ulson Herman said: "Wouldn't mind if my local Asda or Tesco were to be turned into a Lidl. Unlike a lot of these other big chains, Lidl isn't nearly as insane when it comes to all of this woke diversity tripe - same with Aldi, although Aldi's started drinking the Kool-Aid as well so might have to stop giving them money soon."

Callum Little said: "Lidl wanted to open a store Kendal but SLDC prefer to allow houses to pass planning, not businesses."

Billy Murphy said: "An ideal place for Lidl in Workington would be the former Debenhams. There is a shortage of supermarkets in the centre of Workington since the Co-op closed years ago. Not everyone has a car to drive to Tesco or Aldi or Morrison's, and M&S is a bit pricey as well as small."

Ryan Hall said: "I bet they will end just closing this one down just like they have everything else. They've been at war with shops in Cumbria for years now."

Jack Denny said: "I hope they get it here. It's been years since the shopping community in this area had some real support from the council or from anyone else. Hopefully, this will work."