IT IS money that we wish was never needed. But it’s a comfort to know it is there.

Domestic abuse is a dark shadow made all the more noticeable during the stresses of lockdown.

With people cooped up together in what is already a stressful time, sometimes abusers see it as an opportunity to strike, and their victims think they have nowhere or no-one to turn to.

But they do.

And now the Government is allocating more than £1.16m to Cumbria to support victims of domestic abuse, people who are often among the most vulnerable in society.

The support will be awarded as part of the Government’s Domestic Abuse Bill, which will come into force later this year.

It will see Cumbria County Council receive £995,779, with further sums divided between the county’s six district council areas.

There is much that needs to be financed, such as safe accommodation and debt advice, and other support services.

But this money can really help turn someone’s life around.

It is warmly welcomed.