READERS have had their say on a woman losing her job after posting TikTok videos in her work uniform.

John Wadsworth said: “The Co-op’s code of conduct quite clearly states you are not allowed to do this. She signed on the dotted line and then went on to slag off managers and customers whilst wearing a Co-op uniform, with the store quite clearly visible.

“Most employers would do the same if they were aware their employees were doing this on TikTok.

“It’s not rocket science.”

Tara Haley posted: “So everyone posts in uniforms – nurses, supermarket staff, firemen, police officers – so why sack her?

“I have not actually seen the video that she made and I don’t agree with it if that is what she's done, but I was stating I see loads do it and none have got sacked.”

Alan Lee said: “That’s definitely going too far, sacking the girl.

“If anything she cheered the place up.”

Sharon Smith said: “The company I work for, we aren’t allowed to post on any social media with our uniforms on. She must have been told it’s company policy.”

Nicola Duty said: “It’s gross misconduct and can lead to your dismissal if your employer finds out.

“In reality, it makes no sense to slate your employer on social media. Most employers have a social media policy that forbids employees from making posts that mention them.

“Not only this, but by damaging the company you also damage your job security.

“If you say or do things that are likely to damage your employer then you are risking your own job security.”

Brian Sinclair said: “So many people do not like the company they work for I’m sure. It’s a job.

“Heard it loads of times over the years.

“She’s a tad silly putting it on social media though, I suppose.”

Scott Robinson said: “Most places have a social media policy written into their contract.”

Chris Sims added: “Just shows how unfair life can be.”