A TINY, 12x10ft beach hut no bigger than a garden shed has gone up for sale - with a staggering £65,000 price tag.

The unassuming beach front chalet is painted a bland shade of dark brown, and offers just one room inside, and a 10-foot wide by 18-foot long veranda out the front - and not a lot else.

But, despite the eye-watering price tag - and the fact that only one external-view photo is available of the hut - Rouse Estate Agents have already had an interested party wanting to put an offer in.

The hut, located at the sought-after Wailings end of Frinton-on-Sea beach, in Essex, was only listed by Rouse last week- but it does not look like it will be on the market for too long.

And a spokesperson for Rouse said that the high price tag and increased demand is due to more people staying close to home rather than travelling abroad for holidays.

The estate agent said: "The owner wanted us to put it up for sale for £65,000, just to see what would happen, so we did.

"Already we've had two people call to book viewings - and one of them has even said they want to put an offer in.

"It has amazed us in recent years how much the prices for beach huts have gone up.

"But I think, especially now, with people staying at home and not being able to travel abroad for holidays, that is driving popularity up."

The shed on stilts boasts a slightly lacklustre and dull looking paint job, and the internal condition of the hut remains somewhat of an enigma - as even Rouse have not been inside to photograph it.