Cumbria Police have issued guidance as to what is deemed local after questions over where people can go for exercise arose.

A spokesman for Cumbria Constabulary said: “The regulations state that you must stay at home unless you have a reasonable excuse to leave. Exercise is classed as a reasonable excuse to be outside your home.

Paul Panther said: “In order to access open spaces you can travel a short distance in your local area. Again, what is a short distance? Hardly clear, is it?”

Colin Bernards said: “Never in our entire history has it ever been acceptable for the police to decide how we are permitted to exercise, or if we are allowed to go to the pub or if a business is allowed to open or not. Are we sure we want to be doing this now?”

Ryan Grattus said: “The majority of law-abiding people will stay on the side of caution and probably won’t go out at all, not a healthy way to live, taking the ‘pressure’ off the cops by keeping them out of the way so they can concentrate on the real bad people sitting on benches, maybe having a cup of tea, meanwhile the dealers and other actual criminals can carry on as normal.”

Ben Edwards said: “I pity the police in this situation, the law is unclear, and they’re expected to enforce it. If I were the top copper, I’d simply refuse to attract the unwanted attention their foot soldiers have been getting recently and keep on the side of caution.”

Richard Thwaite: “The lockdown is not working. You know how you can tell. Because we are in a third lockdown. Give people their rights back.”

John Williams said: “Never has a Government in this country had so much power as to restrict people in this way, I know there is a virus, but we should all hope that the Government is willing to relinquish these powers the moment the crisis is over. When people get power, they are rarely in a hurry to give it up.”

Michael McTavishton said: “I know it’s been said but it needs saying again. How come they were never able to tackle crime before but now have unlimited power?”