A DRUG driver caught the attention of police after running a red light, a court heard.

Brian Pattinson said he used cannabis for medicinal purposes after he was found with the drug in his system.

The 59-year-old Barrow man was stopped by police on the A590 through Ulverston after being seen driving through a red light.

Appearing at South Cumbria Magistrates' Court, he admitted a charge of drug driving as well as possession of the class B substance.

Prosecutor George Shelley said: "PC Oaks was on full uniform patrol in Ulverston. He had noticed a Peugeot 308 being driven through the town. He followed the vehicle and saw the driver go through a red light.

"When the officer stopped him he could smell cannabis in the vehicle.

"He then returned a positive drug test and was arrested and conveyed to the custody unit."

Tests found Pattinson had eight micrograms of THC in his blood, over the legal threshold of two.

In mitigation, Karen Templeton said: "He has pleaded guilty to this matter and apologises for breaking the law.

"He had been using cannabis for pain relief after he broke his back four or five years ago.

"He hadn't had some for several hours and thought he would be OK.

"A ban will cost him because he has a disability car and will be struggling on public transport."

She said he ran the red light to move off the road and stop for police.

Magistrates banned Pattinson, of Holker Street, for a year and fined him £180.

Chair of the bench Charles Crewdson said passing through the red light 'demonstrates that you can be impaired' in driving after taking drugs.