AN ULVERSTON mum has seen huge demand for her demonstrations of easy activity ideas for families with children who have special needs.

Hanna Munro, a specialist occupational therapist, went live on Facebook last week with a video full of sensory activities parents and carers can do with their children during lockdown.

Sensory activities have a host of benefits for children; improving cognitive growth, helping to build nerve connections to the brain and helping to develop motor skills.

"I had already posted a few ideas for parents of occupational therapy and sensory activities on my site," said Ms Munro.

" I thought now we're in lockdown and I have kids, one of my sons is autistic, so I know what it is like."

Ms Munro is mum to eight-year-old Luke, who has autism and six-year-old Aidan, who assisted with the video.

Since Friday the video has achieved over 9,000 views and has received feedback from as far as Ethiopia.
"I only intended it for local parents," she said.

"I was going to do it on Zoom but then it soon grew to 100 people so I switched to Facebook.

"I did it and then the numbers kept going up and up and now we're in the thousands.

"I had a really lovely message from a teacher from Ethiopia, so it's been really amazing."

During the online session Ms Munro  showed activities including therapy ball massage, calming breathing activities and advice on snacks to break up sensory play sessions.

As well as demonstrating the activities she has provided a written document detailing all the ideas she covered in the video.

Ms Munro has been an occupational therapist for over 14 years.

Originally a dementia specialist, she then specialised in sensory integration after finding out Luke had autism.

"I've been an occupational therapist for about 14 years, I used to be a dementia specialist," she said.

"Once I knew Luke had autism that changed my area of interest."

More information can be found at Hanna Munro, Specialist Occupational Therapist on Facebook or at