KIND-HEARTED businessmen are ensuring laptops are given to pupils in need of completing their school work during lockdown.

B&M Tech Services, based in Wellington Street in Millom, is going above and beyond to ensure local pupils have the right equipment to do their school work online.

The store, which is headed by Bill Amos and Matt Dust, was inundated with donations after posting a plea for laptops for families in desperate need.

After receiving dozens of donations, the pair were able to hand over eight laptops to grateful families on Monday.

Mr Amos said: "After the lockdown announcement we were getting a lot of calls for cheap laptops from families who were struggling.

"So we put a call out and were inundated with donations - the town really pulled together.

"Some we can't use, some we can. We're able to refurbish old laptops and repurpose them to new homes and families who really need them."

Mr Amos said the store was receiving more than five phone calls a day about enquiries for laptops for education purposes.

"My heart goes out to some families who just can't afford a laptop but want to help their child," he said.

"We were able to give one to a little girl the other day who was so happy - she'd never had a laptop before.

"It makes you think why can't the schools provide them with laptops?

"I know Sellafield and the Shipyard have been helping with donations - businesses are really pulling together but the Government doesn't seem to be doing enough."

Mr Amos said it was 'really rewarding' to be able to help families struggling under the circumstances.

"Some people can't afford anything and it really tugs on your heartstrings," he said.

"It is a rewarding job knowing you've helped someone today."

Mr Amos is urging anyone with a spare laptop to donate it to the store which is open every day from 10pm until 2pm except Sunday.

He has also launched a JustGiving page to raise money for families in need of a laptop donation.

To donate, visit: