A COASTGUARD team is reminding the public to think before exposing themselves to potential danger on the coast.

Furness Coastguard has issued a reminder not to cause potential danger on the coast to an 'already extremely stretched emergency services'.

A spokesman said: "When we are called we always respond, and it's usually a multi agency response where we work with our colleagues from: Police, RNLI, Ambulance Service, First Responders and Fire Service.

"Each time we come together to help, we follow Covid-19 protocols to keep us and our casualties safe.

"However, please think before you expose yourself to potential danger on our coast. You could be exposing yourself, and the already extremely stretched emergency services to Covid-19.

"This means that the very people who want to be there in your, or others, time of greatest need are having to self isolate.

"Our beautiful coastline will still be there when things get back to normal and we want to see you all healthy and happy enjoying it."