AN APPRENTICE has spoken about how he has been able to develop professionally and personally thanks to his apprenticeship.

18-year-old Kane Fleming is a digital marketing apprentice for Furness College and has said the apprenticeship has helped him hone a wide range of skills.

The teenager chose an apprenticeship after realising A-Levels were not the right path for him to take.

“I preferred to learn in real world situations,” he said.

“Also, I loved the benefits that an apprenticeship offers such as earning while you learn and gaining important life skills.”

Kane is responsible for a wide variety of tasks in his apprenticeship and he has become more competent with certain software and has improved other transferable skills.

“My job includes a wide variety of tasks within marketing and it isn’t always specific to the digital side which is great,” he said.

“ One of my main responsibilities is to ensure the website is up to date and make any changes that subject areas have asked for.

“Also, I do numerous social media posts to either promote opportunities within the college or celebrate excellence in the college.

“I have become more competent in a range of software which prior to my apprenticeship I have never heard of, which means I can be tasked with many different tasks and the team can feel confident they will get done so they are able to get on with their own tasks.

“Also, I feel I have developed my time management and motivational skills to ensure the work gets done when it is needed.”

Kane’s biggest achievement so far has been creating a webpage from scratch, which was seen by many users.

“I created the year 11 bridging page and updated it with information from every subject area so they could get a head start at college,” he said.

“It gave me a large sense of pride as I felt it made an impact to people.”

Kane believes an apprenticeship gives people the opportunity to adapt to a range of situations and builds confidence and he hopes to progress further in his field.

He said: “You are able to adapt to a range of scenarios even if you think you are not capable to because you are trained well and taught how to do these things, which gives you the confidence to succeed.

“My career ambitions remain quite simple because I love doing what I’m doing now so I would like to progress as far as possible in the marketing field and hopefully have a long successful career within this.”