POLICE in Copeland have been dedicating much of their their time to helping the vulnerable people in society.

They said that this type of work is something that goes under the radar but wanted to reassure members of the public that this is still going on.

In their monthly bulletin, Copeland Police said: "Much of our work during this last month has been involving the most vulnerable people in our community and for obvious reasons we cannot publish details of this on here.

"We wanted to highlight this often hidden area of policing to you to let you know we are busy keeping our communities safe and taking care of the most vulnerable.

"This type of work often deviates from the traditional thought of police work but is equally important and is becoming more prevalent in these difficult times."

Copeland Police said that any crime or act of antisocial behaviour should be reported. If a crime is in progress then use 999. If it's non-emergency please call 101 or email: 101@cumbria.police.uk.