A school is urgently looking for a new lollipop lady to help pupils safely cross the road.

Black Combe Junior School in Millom is on the lookout for a new school crossing patrol after their current lollipop lady, Miss Fox, announced she was changing jobs.

Since recruiting for the role, the school has been struggling to find a replacement and is appealing for a dedicated member of the public to take on the challenge.

Headteacher Mrs Dennison said it is "imperative" the school has a crossing patrol outside the site.

She said: “Black Combe Junior School has fabulous grounds, but we are positioned on busy Moor Road.

“Combined with the high volume of traffic, drop-off and pick-up times can be a little frantic.

“We will also need to consider the added traffic from the new housing being built at Queens Park.

“It is imperative we have a crossing patrol outside school.”

Pupils have also expressed their opinions on the importance of a lollipop lady.

A Year 5 pupil said: “Moor Road is a busy road with people going to work at the same time as we go to school. There are a lot of cars and vans.

“When it is dark in the morning it is a bit scary crossing. It is much better when there is a crossing lady (or man).”

A Year 6 pupil added: “On the way home we are all laughing after a good day at school and Miss Fox makes sure we look carefully. She also checks that I have got my lunchbox!”

A spokeswoman for Orian, which employs the position of school crossing patrol, said: “The lack of replacement into the position is causing concern as the darker mornings and evenings mean a heightened risk to the children's safety and while the position will be filled until we find a replacement, we are focussed on finding the right person to guide the children while also being an engaging and cheerful individual.

“It will most likely appeal to a retired individual looking to help the community and be involved in meeting and greeting residents.”

Interested applicants can email HRteam@orian.co.uk