A SOUTH Lakes cinema is set to receive almost £40,000 in a cash boost.

The Roxy Cinema at Ulverston has been allocated £38,795 funding through the Culture Recovery Fund.

Talking about the grant, Furness MP Simon Fell said hopes The Roxy can survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said: “I am delighted that independent cinemas like The Roxy in Ulverston have received support from the Government.

“The Roxy is my local cinema and is a wonderful local venue.

“On my last visit I was astounded at everything that Charles and the team had done to keep customers safe, but that meant reducing 320-plus seats down to 80.

“Supporting The Roxy is not just about keeping a cinema afloat, but about ensuring that a town like Ulverston can retain a viable cultural asset rather than lose another venue to housing because of a short-term disruption.

“I was delighted to write to support The Roxy’s bid and hope that this funding will see them through to the other side of the pandemic when we can all get back to enjoying the cinema again.”

John Brice, publicity officer at Ulverston Outsiders, said: “I am extremely pleased to hear this news.

“I think that The Roxy have bent over backwards to keep going and provide excellent entertainment for cinema goers in Ulverston.

“They have been very successful in their social distancing for audiences.

“I think The Roxy just underlines the good community feeling in Ulverston.”

More than 200 independent cinemas, including the The Roxy's sister cinema The Royalty at Bowness, are being supported this Christmas with £16million in grants from the Government’s £1.57billion Culture Recovery Fund.

The Culture Recovery Fund aims to protect Britain’s cultural, arts and heritage institutions through the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the North West, total support for independent cinemas has reached £1,076,294 from the Government’s support package.