TRADERS have been overwhelmed by support from the public after reopening following lockdown. And gyms and exercise classes have been popular since restarting with many people getting back into their exercise routines following a month where gyms and 'non-essential' businesses had to shut. Barrow Market Hall was pleased to see their customers again. Staff and stall holders had given the space a festive makeover, much to the delight of returning punters. Jacqui Armstrong, administration assistant at the market, said: "I was really humbled by the response of the public. "It was so good to see so many people out and about in the town centre and the market supporting us. "We were open again on Wednesday as an extra for customers and we were really busy again. "If there is anything positive we can take from this bad situation it is that people are supporting local shops again. "People have realised that if they want to keep the shop, they need to shop here. "We were happy to receive all the positive comments about our decorations as well. We had spent a lot of time before opening putting them up, as have the stall holders themselves. "Unfortunately we can't have a Santa's Grotto this year, but instead children can write letters and post them into a box at the grotto, then they can return when they have had a reply from Santa. "It is just good to be back with all the traders here again and have the chattering and the noise of the hustle and bustle of the market has returned." Gyms being shut has been a blow for many fitness fanatics. Louise Walton, an Ulverston based dance practitioner and fitness instructor, said: "I am extremely happy to be back teaching fitness once again after the recent lockdown. "My first class ‘Dance Fit’ was at Ulverston Health Club (Jen’s Gym). "It was incredible to see so many enthusiastic ladies raring to go and embrace dance fitness with a smile and bags of energy, there was plenty of sweat and laughter which of course releases those all important endorphins. "Exercise classes and the gym are a place for people to feel good about themselves, improve their health and well-being, stamina and strength. "Enjoyment is key to working out, if you don’t enjoy it you won’t go. Its good to challenge yourself and achieve your personal goal whatever that may be. "Staying active has never been more important not only for physical benefits but also for our mental health. "So find a great tune that lifts you and get moving folks."