BARROW reverend expresses his excitement for the church to be able to take part in nativities and songs carols this Christmas.

Nativity plays and door-to-door singing will be allowed once lockdown ends, according to a Church of England representative.

Conservative MP Andrew Selous, who speaks on behalf of the church in the House of Commons, suggested the green light has been given to carol singers - as long as they are socially distanced and outdoors.

Rev Robin Ham, co-leader of Barrow Mission Community, said: “It has been crazy year for everyone and it is incredible what the community and the church have done in terms of making provisions for the festive period.

“There is real excitement for meeting physically again, and obviously everyone wants to do it safely and follow the guidance.

“It would be hard to imagine Christmas without these celebrations at the church.

“I feel that for many people this brings a sense of familiarity and normality.

“What we have found though is that people are really hungry for hope.

“The Christmas story is all about hope even in the darkest of times.

“The Church of England nationally has given the slogan of ‘comfort and joy’.

“Only the performers being allowed to sing in Summer, which is what will have to happen this Winter, will mean that people will be singing along in their heads.

“However, I have found that this leads to people appreciating the songs more because they are listening along, it is a different experience.”

The church group in Barrow will be running events leading up to Christmas including a virtual nativity, so there are plenty of things to look forward to this Christmas.

Speaking during church commissioners' questions, Mr Selous told the Commons: "From December 2 places of worship can reopen for public worship and churches and cathedrals can now approach Advent and Christmas with certainty.

"Clergy have already demonstrated that they've made their buildings Covid-secure and many cathedrals and churches are planning to have multiple services to accommodate more people as less are allowed in each service.

"The further good news is that while indoor singing is limited to performers only, we can all take part in outdoor and door-to-door singing, staying two metres apart or away from the threshold, and nativity plays for under-18s are permitted in accordance with the performing arts guidance."