A MAN with a record stretching to 153 previous offences landed himself in court again after stealing a bra from a supermarket.

Scott Hornby, 42, from Barrow, admitted that he took the item of lingerie down his trousers in Asda and left without paying.

South Cumbria Magistrates' Court heard police caught up with him when they visited his home after incident between the defendant and his partner.

Officers then found the item, worth £33, and contacted supermarket bosses.

Prosecutor Jack Troup told the court the offence happened on November 23.

He said: "The police were called following a disturbance in the early hours of November 24.

"The defendant was arrested and searched at the scene. While at the scene officers uncovered an item of lingerie.

"It was believed to be stolen due to having tags on it.

"Enquiries were made with Asda and officers then attended. CCTV was then inspected.

"At around 11.45am the defendant entered the shop, was seen going to the bra area.

"He has picked up a bra and was seen to shove into the front of his jacket."

Hornby was then bought cigarettes from the supermarket kiosk and left without paying for the bra.

The bra was recovered by was not fit for resale.

Mr Troup told the court of Hornby's extensive list of 51, convictions, including 86 previous theft offences.

In June 2019 he was jailed for 876 days for burglary.

In mitigation, Michael Graham told the court: "It's a low-level, simple, unsophisticated offence of shop theft.

"In the circumstances I would invite you to impose a financial penalty or conditional discharge."

He said Hornby had been released from prison in August and was on licence until October 2021.

Hornby appeared in court having spent a day in custody following his arrest.

For the offence, magistrates sentenced Hornby to a fine of £80 and told him to pay £33 compensation to Asda.

He was also ordered to pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £34 and £85 costs for bringing the case to court.

Hornby will pay the money from his benefits at a rate of £5 per week.