Readers have reacted after Councillor Ben Shirley said he was "not convinced" by a proposed council shake-up.

He said he was keeping an open mind ahead of Barrow Borough Council making the final decision to sign-off plans to merge with South Lakeland District Council and Lancaster City Council and create a new Morecambe Bay authority.

Reacting on social media, Peter Garbacz said: “I was born after we moved into the Cumbria administrative area and I’ve always felt more affinity to Lancashire.

"The Bay proposal makes more sense. We have more in common with Morecambe and Lancaster than we do with towns further north.

“We have always been the poor relation to the 'energy coast' - and I can’t see that changing."

Bob Mullen wrote: “As a town, we have always looked south - not many Barrovians think of going north towards Carlisle to go shopping or socialising, do they?

“The Pennines have always been a natural border between civilisation and the grim north. Let’s rejoin our natural neighbours and stop being controlled and budgeted by the border bullies."

Bob Ramsey said: “I’m totally against Mr Shirley’s views. The bay proposal is the only way forward.”

Harry Johnson said: “My birth certificate says Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire and have always thought of Barrow as part of Lancashire. Even when it changed to Cumbria, we always addressed letters to Barrow in Furness, Lancs.”

Gwen Meridian said: “Harry Johnson same here regarding the birth certificate! Always think of myself as a Lancashire lass.”