READERS have had their say after it was announced electric scooters are to be trialled in Cumbria.

Gordon Bennet Depends on the state of the roads. I wouldn't want to risk a journey to work on one of these in current road conditions. Small wheels and potholes don't go well together.

Steven Fleming The size of the pot holes in this town nearly wipe out my car every day! I give it less then a week before a scooter disappears down one

Dawn McKellar I don't think everyone in Barrow is suddenly going to start using bikes and scooters, just because the Government want them to. Especially in the winter when the weather here is pretty awful. It might increase use a bit, but most will still drive to work

Pete Birtles-Smith I don't know why Barrow aren't trialling them. How many thousands of BAE staff drive less than 10 minutes to park a five minute walk from the gate. Perfect place to do a trial of a system like this.

Jim Lodge See them all the time in my town, Weaving in any out of pedestrians, on the roads at night with no lights and sometimes two on a scooter and even one person texting whilst on the road. Total lunacy and accidents waiting to happen.

Simon Nicholl Nuisance they are all over. No place on the roads for them.

Nicola Hornsby See the Dutch road network for cycling. Safety records are excellent. That's because they have invested money in dedicated cycle lanes and systems that encourage confidence.

Janet Quinn Lots of people already using them

Simon Dogdeson Great idea - ease traffic plus pollution

Stuart Hines 100 per cent the perfect solution to getting less parking issues and less cars doing pointless car journeys! Electric bikes are supporting the future of e-mobility and the will only further the development. Barrow needs this change.

Rebecca Birtles-Smith Should have been done a long time ago!

Paul Lindsay When I were a lad growing up in Barrow most workers in the yard seemed to cycle to work

Simon Alexander Middleton Tried them in Budapest, great way to get about