A SERIES of measures to clamp down on inconsiderate parkers in Furness towns have been revealed.

A total of 31 double yellow lines will be introduced to streets in Barrow, Dalton and Askam as councillors get tough on people putting drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Victoria Upton, traffic management engineer at Cumbria County Council, admitted the list of changes was very long but she said they were necessary.

Changes revealed at the county council's committee for Barrow include introducing a no loading zone on parts of Cornwallis Street in Barrow and an extension to double yellow lines close to Walney School.

"Forty-four locations will see a changes or new restrictions to parking," she said.

“31 double yellow lines will be added for no waiting at any time. We have written to people affected in all local areas.”

Cllr Melvyn Worth, who represents Walney North, has tried to get some of the changes into the new list for some time.

He said: “Regarding Moor Tarn Lane; I am very pleased to support the proposed extension of restrictions from Central Drive because when there are cars parked opposite the school the traffic flow is impeded, especially when there is a bus at the bus stop.

"Regarding North Scale village, I am not opposed to the extension of double yellows from the start of the village up to the property numbered 25. I have constantly complained about parking on the existing yellows, because this forces vehicles travelling north entering the village, to be on the wrong side of the road, on a hill and on a blind bend. Enforcement of these parking restrictions is key to the road safety in this area."

Ms Upton said she had been listening to residents regarding requests for double yellow lines and also to those who did not not want them at all.

She said: “Two locations in Askam and Ireleth won’t be implemented now. These are Hamilton Terrace in Dalton and Dale Street in Askam. We have listened and these will remain unchanged."

The Mail:

The list of no waiting at any time restrictions have now been listed by the county council. They are: Andrews Way, Barrow; Beckside Road, Dalton; Cleater Street, Dalton; Coronation Drive, Dalton; Dale Street, Askam; Duchy Court, Barrow; Duke Street/School Street, Askam; Elterwater Crescent, Barrow; Fairview/Chapel Street, Dalton; Friars Lane/Priors Path, Barrow; Garden Terrace/Hamilton Terrace, Dalton; Greenhaume, Askam Road, Askam; Hawcoat Lane/Baldwin Street, Barrow; Hawcoat Lane/Oxford Street, Barrow; Highlands Avenue/Rating Lane, Barrow; Highlands Grove/Highlands Avenue/Maylands Avenue, Barrow; Infield Park, Barrow; Ireleth Road, Askam; Kendall Croft, Barrow; Lesh Lane/Rising Side, Barrow; Moor Tarn Lane, Barrow; North Scale, Barrow; North Scale (The Crown), Barrow; Oxford Street/Clarence Road, Barrow; Park Lane, Barrow; Phoenix Road, Barrow; Promenade, Barrow; Rear Greengate Street/Florence Street, Barrow; Sandy Lane/Duke Street, Askam; Spring Grove, Barrow; Winchester Street, Barrow.

Other changes to be introduced include limited introducing a two hour maximum parking slot on part of Lawson Street, Barrow; adding 'no loading or unloading and no waiting at any time” restrictions on part of Cornwallis Street, Barrow, and replacing the existing advisory disabled parking bays with statutory disabled parking bays on parts of Devonshire Street, Schoolwaters, and Newton Road, Dalton, and Middlefield, Barrow.