A BARROW man celebrated winning a share of more than £7,000 on a new ITV game show.

Alan Scantlebury made it through to the final stages in the very first episode of new ITV quiz show Winning Combination.

The retired director of studies was jumping for joy alongside his three fellows finalists when they secured a share of nearly £7,600 after a tense final round.

The Omid Djalili-fronted quiz saw nine contestants battle it out on the brain-busting game show, from the makers of The Chase.

Mr Scantlebury, who told the comedian he enjoyed golfing and playing the guitar and ukulele, showed his mettle in the early stages by successfully answering questions on subjects including Japanese foods, the children of Henry VIII and actors who played Superman.

He made it through to the final round at the third time of asking, having successfully completed the 'battle' round of the new quiz.

In a nailbiting finale, Mr Scantlebury answered seven questions against the clock to take home the money in scenes of jubilation.

He navigated questions on the currency of Poland, types of lettuce and the first telephone.

He let out a scream in celebration alongside his teammates after answering the final question correctly.

In the show, contestants are randomly assigned a number between one and nine.

The players then compete in a series of fast-paced general knowledge rounds to get themselves, and their number, through to the final.

They are eventually whittled down to just four, who come together in the final to try to win the four-digit jackpot defined by their numbers.

The combination of numbers they have been handed represents the size of the jackpot they will play for in the final round.

The number each player is assigned at the beginning also dictates the number of questions they must answer correctly in the final game against the clock.

Signing off the fiendish quiz, Omid Djalili told the contestants: "I always it would be possible, I just didn't think you would be the team to do it."