READERS are reacting to a council's plea to the public to dispose of their rubbish properly.

South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) also warned that it is an illegal offence to drop litter and that doing so could lead to an £80 fine.

The offence could even lead to a fine of up to £2,500 if you were to be prosecuted in court.

Here's what our readers had to say.

Terry Hulme said: "It's like living in a giant skip. I'm constantly picking up face masks, rubbish, glass bottles. Entire Bridgegate might as well be a bin. Not hard to use a bin and there is no excuse for simply chucking stuff on the floor."

Sandy Felton said: "It's because people don't care. Barrows backstreets are disgusting. Anyone ever driven down the back of Longway. People don't care even if they live there."

Tony Moon said: "I have seen the recycling bin wagon spilling out rubbish and not picking it up no wonder our town is littered with rubbish."

Gavin Wilson said: "An illegal offence.."

Dawn Mckellar said: "you want to see some of the states in the backstreets. They are a disgrace."

Mark Starling said: "My mate got fined 25 quid back in the 80s for dropping a smartie tube .. lot of money back then."

Hannah Louise said: "Yet I saw the recycling lorry in Grange today drop lots of items out of a bag and didn't bother to pick them up.."

Barrow Lad said: "Je-s, what will the council think of next? How many prosecutions in the last 10 years?"

Helen Bach said: "Remember folks, stick to the legal offences."

Neil Probert said: "Littering is a shameful act of laziness perpetrated by parasitic pondlife with zero social responsibility. It takes very little effort to carry litter to the nearest bin and costs nothing at all, except for a little respect for the environment."

Andy Clegg said: "Presumably an illegal offence is more serious than a legal offence."