A FRIENDLY bet saw a businessman complete a 5k forfeit run while dressed as an iconic TV character.

32 West founder James Higgins found out what the consequences could be if you back the wrong horse or call heads instead of tails.

Mr Higgins, from Ulverston made a bet with friend Matt Johnson to see who could run 90-miles, length of Hadrian’s Wall, the quickest.

The Mail:

After losing the bet, Mr Higgins’ forfeit was to run 5k dressed as the iconic 118 118 running man.

He duly obliged and completed the route down Abbey Road, Barrow in 27 minutes and 13 seconds.

Mr Higgins said: “A bets a bet.

“Matt Johnson and I made the bet between ourselves and we placed £100 towards it.

"The winner could decide where the money would go, but since we both decided it would go to St Mary’s Hospice in Ulverston all that was left was to get it going.

The Mail:

“That was the charity side taken care of, all that was left was the pride and dignity side.

“I lost so I bought the outfit and did the route on Wednesday.

"I started from Matt’s garage on Abbey Road, ran toward Furness Park and then back. I did that twice to make up the 5k.”

The route was completed in 25 minutes.

Mr Higgins posted a video of himself during the run where he was noticed by passers-by and received some cheers and beeps of support along the way.

He ran into some trouble when his moustache fell off due to perspiration.

The Mail:

Mr Higgins added: “I got my first wolf whistle in 25 years so that’s something. I suspect it was iconic.

“I’ve made the most tremendous fool of myself and it was all in the name of a bet, charity and fun.

“I just hoped to bring a smile to maybe one or two people in these difficult times.

“I like to get out and do a run whenever I can. I may not be the best runner but it’s just a good thing to do.

“I think I ran a bit quicker while out there on Abbey Road so I could get it over with a bit quicker. But I think I may have been spotted by one or two people.”

The £100 donation was sent to the hospice the day after the run.