A BARROW nursery is installing CCTV after being targeted by vandals.

Ramsden Robins Pre-Nursery was targeted twice over the weekend by two groups of what is thought to be young males.

In the past the nursery has been targeted on numerous occasions by groups of youngsters.

Not deterred by the daylight, on Saturday at around 11.30am, two young males threw painted pebbles - brought in by the nursery’s children - at the windows of the new baby room extension.

They had also thrown wooden stepping stones around the outdoor play area and kicked in a number of pumpkins that the children had left outside to feed the birds.

On Sunday, another two children, who nursery bosses said may be the same two people as the day before, were seen ‘skulking’ around the property around 8.30am until they were chased away by a neighbour.

The nursery has seen a series of similar incidents over the last year, including a break-in during the summer when suspects had stolen prams and trikes and damaged windows and a nursery play house.

The suspects were never caught.

Nursery manager Clare Johnson said: “We have CCTV on order now.

“This is something that we didn’t think that we would ever have to get.

“On Saturday they had tried to smash the windows on the new baby rooms with painted pebbles. We have the pebbles from when everyone was painting them and hiding them, some of our children brought them in and we kept them.

“Luckily there wasn’t any damage this time but they had tried it.

“Yesterday one of the neighbours managed to chase the boys off and he said that one had ginger hair.

“We have rang the police a couple of times and they have said to call them if there is any damage done.

“They also said that they are going to be stepping up their patrols in the area.”