A postmistress from Barrow has gone above and beyond to keep her post office running single handed despite the difficulties caused by the lockdown.

Marianne Livesey, 40, saw queues amassing outside her shop on Risedale Road that were the length of the street after having to furlough her staff.

She has worked for the Post Office for 21 years.

Her career at the Salthouse Post Office has spanned 17 years.

Marianne said: "I worked in here on my own for five and a half months. Some days I saw queues that ran right out of the front down, round the corner and down the street.

"I used to have two post offices, but when we went into lockdown, I had to make the decision to close the one on Mill Lane.

"The priority was to keep the staff safe, but we didn't realise just how long this would go on for. We closed the other one and I stayed here on my own.

“It was difficult to work breaks into the shifts.

“We are behind screens, but we are handling a lot of things that have changed hands a lot, so I was very worried about anything happening to my girls. So, I’m just here on my own.

“The community rallied round me. I had people bringing me food, flowers, chocolates. I had thank you cards. I got a letter from our MP who thanked me for keeping things going.

“The support has been amazing. The people support us as a business and support me by keeping me fed and watered.

“I grew up round here. I’ve lived here all my life, so everyone knows everyone.

“I even had my birthday in lockdown. I was working on it.

“When I was 18, I wanted to go to university and become a teacher. I got my A-levels, but I decided not to go to University in the end. I’d never been away from home before, so I decided against it. Instead I got a job on a training course at the Post Office on Ainsley Street when it was there. It was meant to be six months, in 1999, and 21 years later I’m still doing it.

“I’m really honoured to be nominated. My staff, community and family have supported me so much and I couldn’t have done it without them."

Marianne was described as 'the best post mistress in the land' and has worked from early till late to serve her community.