A vital Ulverston service has given a personal touch whilst thanking its supporters.

As part of St Mary’s Hospice’s ‘thank you day’, volunteers and staff from the organisation spend time thanking donors for their selfless contributions.

Using a randomly-generated list, the organisation members spent time calling their supporters and offering a simple thank you.

The hospice team also created a heart-warming video, containing a slide show of fundraisers.

In the video, the hospice stated: “You are our lifeblood, our heroes - you have and always will be at the heart of what we do.

“We know 2020 has been tough and we know winter will bring fresh challenges, but we are in this together."

To watch the video in full, search for ‘St Mary’s Hospice Ulverston’ on YouTube.

To help support St Mary’s, make a donation by visiting the website at: www.stmaryshospice.org.uk/donation/make-a-donation