THIRSTY Barrovians eager for a pint travelled to Ulverston in an effort to evade restrictions on gatherings.

People in the Barrow borough - including Dalton and Askam - are currently banned from mixing households under the Tier 2 category amid soaring rates of coronavirus.

But Ulverston falls under the boundaries of South Lakeland, which is still under Tier 1 - meaning people can still meet in pubs in groups of no more than six.

Paul Aston, manager of the King’s Head in Ulverston, said he had to refuse some customers over the weekend because they were from Barrow.

This is what our readers had to say about the matter:

Carol Stitt said: Cumbria as a whole should of been in the same restrictions.... as usual ridiculous set of rules which cause problems.

Dawn Mckellar said: Not surprised, this was bound to happen. Those in Tier 3 areas are allowed to travel to other areas too. Absolute madness.

Chrissy Mccarthy said: If barrow is locked down then people should not be able to travel in or out of Barrow... simple. If they work there then they don't go to work... how else is that gonna work? Stop public transport in and out of Barrow for starters!

Darryll Exe said: I think we all agree that Ulverston should be under the same measures as barrow it's all about not overwhelming Furness General Hospital and the staff that keep us safe and healthy.

Dave Huitson said: Good on him the Lakes should be on the same tier as Barrow, then it's all about money and if that's the case anyone outside of Barrow should stay out. The reason we are high is because of Furness General Hospital, pretty simple.

Rachelle Poyntz said: You are supposed to take your restrictions with you wherever you go so not sure why people would think otherwise. On another note, must be the Ulverstonians bringing it to Barrow as so many work here.

Kimberley Alexander said: Ulverston residents can travel and mix with Barrow/Dalton/Askam residents at work though that's ok as it's not illegal (just advised), didn't think police could police it? All as clear as mud.

Jason Andreoli said: This is why a national lockdown is needed, idiots who think the virus only applies to other people. If you do the lottery because you think there is a small chance of winning the jackpot then think on, you are one hundred times more likely to die of this virus even if you are under 50.

Pauline Rooney said: That was obvious that was going to happen!

Jharr Mortimer said: Need to give your head a wobble if a pint is more important than your life and others around you! How selfish!