A SCHOOL caretaker has been praised by a key-working mum for providing kindness and encouragement in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Steven Scroghan of St Pius X Catholic Primary School has been dubbed a ‘wonderful man’ by thankful parent Scarlett Stringer, 28.

Scarlett, of Norfolk Street, Barrow said: “This gentleman worked at the school when I used the emergency hub as a key worker during the beginning of the pandemic.

"He was such a wonderful man, adored by my daughter.

“Every single day he asked me how I was, he showed genuine concern for my wellbeing. He knew that I was tired and under stress, and him taking the time to talk to me, and ask how I was, meant more to me than I can explain.

“I saw him outside the Co-op just after restrictions were being lifted, and he remembered me, and spoke to me. He told me that I looked tired and should take some time to rest. Such a genuine, kind hearted, good person, who St Pius are lucky to have as part of their fantastic team.

“He has a genuine care for people’s welfare. As a single parent, working throughout the pandemic, some days this gentleman was the only other adult I would see to talk to, and the small conversations that we had offered me so much support and comfort, they were appreciated more than I can describe.

“I hope that this offers some insight as to how much I valued him during an extremely difficult time.The world needs more people like this gentleman!”

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