Readers have been reacting to pub and restaurant bosses concerns over the tier two restrictions in place in Barrow.

Landlords and restaurant owners say they will try to adapt to the new Tier 2 ‘high alert’ restrictions.

Businesses will not receive any Government support unless they are forced to close if the town is moved to Tier 3.

Here's what our readers had to say:

Stephen Snell said: "Well if people would have obeyed social distancing and mask wearing rules then we would not be in this mess would we?? The problem is since the last lockdown was eased, most people let go of their guard and went on their holidays and went out partying etc and brought an uninvited guest back with them. In my opinion all of the airports should have been locked down from day one... noone in and noone out."

Vanessa James said: "We are made of tough stuff us Barrovians. I don't want our local pub/restaurants to close... It's really hard for everyone we all have to earn a living ..."

Barrie Baz H Hetherington said: "As daft as it sounds, from 00.01 tonight people will no longer be able to socialise with anybody outside their households indoors, including pubs and restaurants in Barrow, yet they can crack on as normal (as normal as tier one allows) in Ulverston, no prizes for guessing where everybody will be heading Saturday night."

Julie Higgs said: "It's sad because there are pubs that have done everything that they were told to do then you get the ones that really don't care they want money before safety."

Neil Probert said: "If family groups sit at tables that are well distanced from each other and people wear masks when placing orders and paying their bill, I fail to see what the problem is."

Publicists said: "There isn't a problem with that. The problem arises when folk lie and claim to be in family groups when they are not."

Kerry Anne Allen said: "I live in Melbourne. There are no flights in or out. We have had two new cases today. On the flip side we’ve had the world’s longest and toughest lockdown, since March and counting. The economy is in tatters and the Government haven’t given a thought to people’s mental health..."

Richard Howsley said: "Being in a Tier two area, you still have to follow the Tier two rules even if you go into a Tier one area... and vice versa."