TWO of Cumbria's most well-known and internationally recognised artists have been invited to show at the summer exhibition of the prestigious Royal Academy in London.

Conrad Atkinson is showing a machine-embroidered work called ‘Vincent’s Ear Uncovered and Euphonious Wound, from the Metropolitan Museum New York’.

A work commissioned for his one person show at the Courtauld Institute, London, it was hung adjacent to the original Van Gogh painting entitled ‘Artist with Bandaged Ear’

Margaret Harrison is exhibiting a work called 'Power, Pain and Pleasure'.The work was first shown in her one-person exhibition 'Accumulations', exhibited at the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art in 2015.

The pair spend their time between Cumbria and California.

The summer exhibition at the Royal Academy, curated by Jane and Louise Wilson, is open until January 3, 2021.