FURNESS is bracing itself for fresh Covid restrictions, as advice that previously applied to the district alone is extended across the county.

As of yet, no fresh restrictions have been announced in Barrow.

However, Cumbria's public health chief noted that 'the situation is moving very fast' and that national reports of a local lockdown for the north of England may include Furness.

public health advice which previously applied to Barrow alone was extended to the rest of Cumbria after a doubling of the new Covid-19 cases across the county over the past week.

By law, people in England must not meet indoors or outdoors in groups of more than six people.

Cumbrians are now being strongly advised that groups of six should include people from no more than two households. At the moment, the instructions remain advisory..

There were no fresh deaths recorded at either of the county's main two hospital trusts yesterday as a result of Covid-19.

Barrow and Furness was placed on the national watchlist for Covid-19 'areas of concern' on Thursday, as infection rates have continued to rise across the borough.

Commenting later that same day, Colin Cox, Cumbria’s Director of Public Health, said: “The number of COVID-19 cases in the county has doubled in a week and hospitalisations are increasing.

"But we are not yet in the position of other areas in the north west and we have a small window of opportunity to act to slow the spread, protect our communities and local economy, and avoid becoming the next area in local lockdown.

“We know that limiting contact between households can reduce transmission. The ‘two-households’ advice we’re issuing today doesn’t have the force of law behind it, but we’re calling on everyone living in Cumbria to take it seriously and act accordingly.

"This is about local people taking responsible, proportionate, action to protect themselves, their families and their communities from this disease.

“We can see now that the virus is spreading through the county with increasing speed, following the same pattern from the first wave, with almost all districts reporting increased cases.

"Without action we can expect the number of cases, disruption to schools and businesses, hospitalisations and ultimately deaths to continue to rise.

"Following the ‘two-households’ advice, alongside hand washing, face coverings and social distancing, can make a difference, but we need everyone to take heed and act.”