When the Coronavirus pandemic began to take hold earlier in the year, people had enough to contend with.

Restrictions on civil liberties, being told what to do and when was enough for people to put up with.

Then aside from that people had to contend with supermarket wars and stockpiling. Stores were full of people with trollies full to the brim, with large amounts of different items,

It even led to stores capping the number of items people could buy.

The announcement earlier this week of restrictions tightening seems to have possibly started that off again.

But this time supermarkets have been smarter to it, with Morrisons already announcing it is going to be restricting items.

It is baffling that people thought there was a need to do this back in February and March, and it is even more baffling that people will start doing it now.

We're not back in a full lockdown. We might have taken a step back but we are not where we were in March, and we don't want to be back in the situation of people buying up packs and packs of toilet rolls and other items, leaving the elderly and vulnerable worrying that they will have to go without.

It wasn't fair back then and it isn't fair now.

So if anyone is thinking about going out and stockpiling, then just don't.

People have got enough to contend with at the moment.