The news announced by the Prime Minister yesterday wasn't something we were expected to hear a month to six weeks ago.

Over recent months, since the hard lockdown was lifted and people were allowed to back out and socialise, we have been thinking we are on the road to recovery from the dreadful Covid crisis the country has had to endure all year.

Despite the warnings the breaks could be put on, the Government encouraged people to eat out to help out and may people were going about their daily lives once more.

But now those breaks are back on.

Maybe not as hard and tough as some thought they would be, or as tough as they were back in March when everything ground to a halt.

But tougher restrictions are back in place, and we're told that to get out of this mess, to stop the infection rising, we need to abide by these new rules.

They're not easy to deal with, it will cause disruption again for people, but all we can do is abide by them and hope it helps to drag us further away from the grips of Covid.

In recent weeks it seemed like we were getting away from its clutches but it has grabbed us back in.

There will continue to be mudslinging. Political parties blaming each other, cabinet ministers saying the public are not abiding by rules.

But there are many parties that could be blamed for the spike again.

The Government for failing to make the rules clear and failing to deal with the rule breach of Dominic Cummings, that is continuing to lead to people breaking the rules.

You could put some blame on people who are just blatantly breaking rules.

But the fact of the matter is for all the mudslinging, and social media experts saying do this and that, the people in the middle are the citizens of this country, and they are the ones having to bare the biggest brunt of this latest setback.

Abiding by rules and national unity got his away from Covid last time.

However now it has caught us all back up.

In a bid to sprint clear of it and try and get back to some normality, like it or not, we need to abide by these rules to protect not just ourselves but others.