SOUTH Lakes MP Tim Farron has urged government intervention to prevent a homelessness spike this winter.

In the House of Commons yesterday afternoon, Mr Farron urged the Government to 'keep its promise' that no renter who has lost income due to coronavirus would lose their home.

On Monday, the ban on no-fault evictions ended, with charities and campaign groups warning that tens of thousands of private renters could be at risk of being made homeless.

Speaking during an Urgent Question, Mr Farron laid out a four-point plan to prevent ‘a pandemic of homelessness’, urging Number 10 to: enact a further six month moratorium on evictions starting today; amend Section 8 evictions to give judges discretion over tenants who are in need; fast-track legislation to repeal Section 21 no-fault evictions; provide a comprehensive package of financial support for those in arrears

He also called for further support to protect local small landlords, urging the Government to keep another promise that no landlord would 'face unmanageable debt'

Speaking in Parliament, he said: “The Minister stated that the eviction moratorium was justified as the pandemic took hold in spring. Does he agree, as we battle a second wave harsher than the first in the depths of winter, that such measures are once again justified?

“I do not ask the minister to kick the can down the road. But I do ask for another extension to the eviction moratorium so that the underlying problems can be solved.

"The 55,000 at risk of homelessness, don’t have the money to pay their rent now, and they are not likely to have it in a few months time either, nor will they have enough for a deposit for a new place if they are evicted.

"They cannot move home, they can only become homeless – unless the minister acts.

“Whether it is in the Lake District or London, British people are united in their decency – in their belief that the coronavirus should not bring families to their knees and dump them on the streets.

"The minister has the power to prevent a pandemic of homelessness, I beg him to use that power and take the actions I have outlined.”

The Housing minister, Christopher Pincher, responded by refusing to announce an extension to the ban on evictions.