I wrote to you in June on the double impact of Brexit and Coronavirus, and everything that has happened since then has confirmed my suspicions about the government’s intentions on trade talks both with America and particularly the EU.

Mr Barnier said then "In all areas, the UK continues to backtrack under commitments undertaken in the political declaration, including on fisheries".

The way these negotiations appear to be going will undermine all the fine words about agriculture and the environment:

Because of our region’s reliance on distribution, tourism, farming and manufacturing businesses, we are likely to face economic disruption and possibly disaster should the UK leave Europe without a deal on December 31.

We cannot avoid the uncertain future impact of Coronavirus but Brexit – despite what the government would have you believe, is still not done and even at this late stage, we can minimise the adverse effects of this double disaster on our jobs, our services and our local businesses.

I and many other people are appalled by the government’s plan to break promises made in the Withdrawal Agreement.

The Prime Minister does not speak for ordinary British citizens or all Conservatives. I believe he was elected on false promises - to deliver a comprehensive, ‘oven-ready’ deal with Europe. Polling by Best for Britain shows 90% of voters in the North (Red Wall) want a deal. Instead, his actions threaten not only the reputation of the Conservative Party, but the global reputation of England as a trustworthy nation.

Roger Cartwright

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