There has been more twists and turns in the Covid-19 saga this year than on the first lap of a Formula One race.

First wave, then the flattened curve, then the release from lockdown, then go out and re-start the economy.

When the pubs re-opened and then the eat out to help out scheme was in full swing last month, everything was on the up, but one thing this pandemic is highlighted is how very quickly things can change.

Turn the clock forward a month and we're talking about second lockdown and the disaster that has been the Government testing system.

It was been a bad week to ten days for the Government. A few weeks ago the thought of a second lockdown was not even on the agenda.

Now smaller local lockdowns are cropping up all over the country, and the tightening of rules in the North East yesterday served as a warning to other areas.

And it has come in the week where the Government has been accused of losing control over the testing system. It has hard for them to put up a defence to that.

As Boris Johnson said this week, as second lockdown would be a disaster, no one wants to go back there. Just as things are starting to improve, it would be a slap in the face.

All people can do is follow the rules, as confusing as some of them are, and do their bit to avoid the disaster of lockdown part two.