A PUB chain has revealed whether its Barrow establishment is one of the 50 pubs with staff who tested positive for coronavirus.

Wetherspoon's has announced that The Furness Railway in Abbey Road has had no positive cases of Covid-19.

The announcement comes after the company revealed 66 of its workers have tested positive for the coronavirus but maintains that visiting pubs is safe.

The company, which employs more than 41,000 people, said the vast majority of its pubs had recorded no positive tests for the virus.

There had been one or more cases among staff at 50 of its pubs.

Since reopening on 4 July, the company said some 32 million people have visited its 861 open pubs.

Forty of its pubs have reported one worker testing positive for the coronavirus and six have disclosed two.

In addition, two pubs reported three staff testing positive and another two said four workers had.