ONE of the UK's longest-serving emergency gas engineers has reiterated the importance of calling help as soon as you smell gas.

Barrow-based Cadent engineer Francis Jewula has shared his 45-years worth of knowledge and advice about the dangers of gas during Gas Safety Week.

He said: "I go to one or two jobs a year where it’s serious enough that you have to evacuate the property.

"You can tell when you walk through the front door and smell it, the hairs go up on the back of your neck and you realise this is one when you’ve got to act quickly to keep everyone safe.

“The big thing is not to delay, or wait until tomorrow, or think someone else will call – if you smell gas, call the national gas emergency service immediately (0800 111 999).

"If you think you can smell natural gas (the gas you use to heat your home or cook your meals), or suspect the presence of another gas that doesn’t actually have a smell – carbon monoxide. Both, if left unchecked, are dangerous."