A DISTRAUGHT cat owner whose pet vanished without a trace is appealing for information after being targeted by horrific prank calls telling her that he has been ‘flattened’.

Justine Johnson Cooke of Spruce Rise, Holbeck, has been left devastated by the disappearance of her family pet Wesley.

The heartache was made worse when her other cat Flo, went missing on Monday.

Thankfully, Flo was found yesterday after Justine decided to knock on doors and found her trapped in a neighbour's house, hid under the sofa.

Flo had remained there undetected - but came running at the sound of her owner's voice.

Wesley, known for his love of adventures, has been missing since August 11 - much longer than any of his usual expeditions.

During this time, Justine has received a number of prank calls over the fate of Wesley - with the caller telling Justine that her cat has been found ‘flattened’.

One of the twisted phone calls - all done by a withheld number - happened after she had picked up her young daughter from school, who was upset to hear the caller’s cruel lies over bluetooth.

It is believed that the calls have been carried out by at least three separate people so far - it is not known if these people are connected.

Blasting the prank callers on social media, friends and neighbours were disgusted at the acts, with one calling them ‘sick, twisted people’.

Justine said: “I just hope to god we find him, it would be so amazing to have them both home!”

If you have information on Wesley, call: 07805282073.