A FAMILY can finally take comfort knowing they have found their missing loved one 34 years after he went missing.

Patrick Healy, 70, went missing from his home in Dublin back in 1986 after threatening to jump off the Bull Wall in his home town, Cockermouth Coroner’s Court heard.

A body washed up on Silecroft beach on October 22, 1986 but was unidentifiable.

An inquest was opened into the death in 1987, but was left with an open conclusion.

A new inquest, which was reopened yesterday by senior coroner Kally Cheema, found the father-of-three and grandfather-of-eight, drowned at sea.

This came after the coroner was told of new DNA evidence which revealed the unidentified body was that of the former CIÉ transport worker.

An examination was undertaken by Rowland Brothers funeral directors and DNA from the body was matched to Mary Croft, Mr Healy’s daughter.

She gave a statement that was read to the court. It said: “My father went missing on September 20, 1986 from Cabra in Dublin.

“He told my gran that he’d had enough and was going to throw himself off the Bull Wall.

“When the body was found, my grandmother Josephine Healy was adamant the clothes were my father’s.

“I gave a sample of my DNA, I was not sure if the body found was my father, if it was I would like for him to come home to be buried with my mother.”

At the post-mortem carried out at the time, the dental features and clothes were analysed and it was deemed likely the body was of an Irishman around the age of 60.

Alison Croft, Healy’s granddaughter, who dialled into the inquest, said he was a keen football fan, and enjoyed walking and gardening.

In her conclusion, the coroner Ms Cheema, said she found Mr Healy had died due to immersion in water.

Speaking directly to his daughter, she said: “I am personally pleased we have been able to formally identify your grandfather.

“I hope it will bring a great deal of comfort to your family now he has been identified.”