THIS week I heard a few consistent themes across Barrow and Furness - speeding being the main one.

I'll pick this up with Cumbria Council and our Police and Crime Commissioner next week.

The roads having quietened down during the lockdown seems to have given some the idea that speed limits don't matter. I'm keen to see that belief tamped down, lest more lives are lost.

In High Furness the message was clear that we need to improve broadband - and mobile coverage - and fast.

And the twin issues of the bypass at Grizebeck and getting things moving on Shop Bridge, need to happen soon. Livelihoods and lives are again at risk.

We're making good progress with the bypass, and I hope to do the same with the bridge.

Across the rest of Furness, the issues were many and varied: hedge heights, planning permissions, funding applications, community tensions, gulls - the list goes on.

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into these issues - and more - as Parliament returns next week. But before then, a thank you - to all of you who hosted us, talked to me, shared your views, and even just waved to say hello.