A picturesque South Cumbrian village is launching a new website to promote businesses as they look to get back on their feet following the coronavirus lockdown.

Cartmel Village Society has launched the website to promote those both in the village and on the surrounding peninsula.

Trustee Craig Johnson said the new site would feature a directory of local businesses, as well as a map drawn by a local artist to help visitors find their way.

"It's a really nice opportunity, especially coming out of Covid," he said.

He said the launch of the new website was a "follow up" to use the village had made of the society's previous website www.cartmelvillagesociety.co.uk

During the peak of the coronavirus crisis the website was used as an information hub, with advice about local medical services, and to connect its network of volunteers with people who were isolating and needed help.

"It was a real bringing together of the community and I was really proud," said Craig.

The new website, www.cartmel.org, will be free for businesses to use, although they can also pay a fee for extra features. Any money made will be put back into the village by the society.

Over the last decade the society, which was set up in the 1990s and left a large legacy about 10 years ago, has put £100,000 towards things such as defibrillators, and IT and gym equipment for schools.

Craig said the village was currently "rammed" with visitors who were often spending long weekends there.

"Mondays are nearly as busy as Saturdays or Sundays," he said.