THE mystery buyer of a controversial brewery has revealed his plans to convert the derelict building.

The Old Brewery in Ulverston has been sold to a local businessman after remaining vacant for nearly 30 years.

The site, home to the former Hartley’s brewery, has been touted for numerous developments over the decades since it was first shut in 1991.

Among them was Homes For Ulverston, a group of five Ulverstonians wanting to redevelop derelict sites, who aimed to convert the building into 37 affordable new homes

However, the brewery was snapped up by local businessman, Matthew Mayvers, managing director of the Ulverston-based catering equipment supplier Caterkwik.

Mr Mayvers said he is ‘excited’ for the new project which will bring 'something special' to Ulverston.

He said: “We’re excited by the project and to be able to acquire the building ourselves here at Caterkwik.

“Our main aim is to create employment, bring visitors to the area and provide homes."

Mr Mayvers said the team remains 'open-minded' on conversion plans for the brewery.

He said: “It’s still early days so we’re not entirely sure what we’re going to do yet.

“We’ve set up a Facebook page so people can follow our progress on site.

“Ourselves and the architect is keen to work with SLDC to get the best plan in place.

“I’m very open-minded to different ideas at this time."

Construction work has already begun on the site which was sold earlier this month.

“We’re hitting the ground running and have already started stripping the building," Mr Mayvers said.

“I don’t know what condition the building will be in so we can’t put a time frame on finishing dates as of yet.

“But the building has a lot of potential. It’s not been touched for a number of years so doesn’t look that attractive at the moment.

“We’re excited but want to approach the project in a delicate manner. I’m keen to push forward and work with the SLDC on this exciting project.

“We want to give Ulverston something special which this site could deliver."

Homes for Ulverston issued a statement regarding the sale, detailing their hopes to buy the building once complete.

In response to this, Mr Mayvers said: "It’s too early to consider purchases at this time but we may explore that in the future."