Many people in Barrow would have seen the video that was posted on social media over the weekend, that is now being investigated by police.

The video, showing a man shouting abuse at a family outside the town's Holiday Inn has attracted a host of comments online and has been condemned by community leaders, councillors and residents.

The family who suffered the abuse were reported to be holidaying in the area, and Barrow folk have moved quickly to declare the actions in the video are not representative of the town.

Police are now investigating the alleged racially aggravated hate crime.

Barrow has always been known and wanted to be known as an inclusive town, and that has been shown through the fact many refugees have settled in the area.

And, after such an ugly incident, the real community spirit and welcoming nature of the town has shone through this week.

A fundraiser has been set up for the family involved, with one resident calling on people to donate. And he has also hoping to invite the family back to the area to show what it is really like.

Whatever has come from this incident, it has shown the large majority of Barrow folk are united in their efforts to present Barrow as an open and welcoming place.

The real Barrow has come to the fore following the weekend incident.