It is easy to say to a student at the moment that they should keep calm, especially with everything that has been going on in the lead up to yesterday's exam results.

The weeks before results day are always anxious ones and this year that anxiety has understandably intensified.

With the fiasco around A Level results last week, it has probably grown even more in recent days.

So a calming message from key figures in education is what has been needed. It hasn't come from the education minister, but it has come from the Principal of Barrow College.

Following yesterday's results, Andrew Wren from the college, which also includes Barrow Sixth Form, issued a statement telling everyone they are guaranteed a place, whatever their results.

It was a nice touch from a leadership figure, at a time when students need some reassurance.

This current state of affairs is unique to 2020, and we'll probably never see anything like it ever again.

You could argue that Gavin Williamson could learn a thing or two from the statement given by the Furness principal.

The GCSE results have gone down a little better for him than A Levels did.

But as many celebrate results, pressure continues to mount for Mr Williamson, and it could well continue into the next school year.