Tony Moon said: “Shut the pubs again.”

Bernie Barnes But where in Cumbria? I’m not saying, by the way, that we can be complacent- I’m saying let’s keep things in perspective and report things honestly so that people who are already frightened aren’t made more so unnecessarily!”

Rachel Murphy said: “ One in BAE.”

Peter Sullivan: It's only the fact that this is a mass hysteria which prevents people see that it is indeed a hysterical and immensely damaging overreaction to coronavirus. Deaths from coronavirus are only slightly above what the number is in an average winter for flu deaths. A single contractor tests positive. So what? It wouldn't even matter if 50 had tested positive. Most with the virus have no symptoms. Some have mild symptoms. The vast majority of the *very* small number who become ill have existing conditions or illnesses, a minuscule number of whom die. Most are well over 80. Restricting the whole economy and ruining people's livelihoods, and the endless fear created by the media, is a huge overreaction. You may have missed it, but tens of thousands of elderly people die every year in the UK from flu and flu-related complications. Yet suddenly the whole of society is told to be obsessed with safety. The so called outbreaks (or even more of an exaggeration 'a second wave') are a result of more testing. The more you test, the more of this largely harmless virus you'll find. Leicester was locked down again - after a huge increase in testing made people think there had been an increase in 'infections'. Those who believe this is some sort of plague are being taken for a ride. Stop being scared. Unfortunately we all be paying for the panicked overreaction for decades. You haven't seen anything like the austerity which is on the way. Most of it could have been avoided.