RESCUERS were called out after a casualty slipped and suffered a lower leg fracture while on a walk in South Lakeland.

A spokesman for Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team (DFMRT) said the walker had slipped close to the top of Hoad Hill, Ulverston.

The DFMRT spokesman said: "Team members quickly arrived on scene to find a casualty who had slipped whilst on a walk with their family and suffered a suspected lower leg fracture.

"Pain relief was given, the injured leg splinted and the casualty packaged in the stretcher so we could move them down to the road and hand them over to the ambulance crew.

"The team then returned to base to decontaminate kit and vehicles.

"We wish the casualty a swift recovery."

16 DFMRT members attended the incident last Wednesday and it took around three hours to deal with.