It’s been a week of change for Marks and Spencer staff in Furness, but one institution of the now closed store is remaining on board for the move across to Ulverston.

For 50 years, Christine Grant worked in the clothing section of M&S in Barrow, which shut its doors for the final time last Tuesday.

The 66-year-old is described as being ‘the heart of M&S Barrow’ where she was the coordinator for her section, which involved organising every item of clothing and making sure the shop floor appeared bright and cheerful.

She was marked out for Bouquet of the Week for how hard she worked in making sure the store was a huge success and and for being selfless towards those who worked under her at Dalton Road.

One of those was Sophie Broadbent, who said: "When I started four years ago I did not have a clue, so she really guided me and helped me. The whole reason why the clothing section at M&S Barrow was such a success was because of her.

"She's so good with young people - I was the youngest at that point - and she was always lovely to me and if I did something wrong she'd take the time to come and show me what I'd done wrong, so everything that I learned was from here, essentially."

The clothing team from the old Barrow store is now being split in half by the move to M&S’ new food store at Ulverston’s Beehive Retail Park, which finally opened last Wednesday.

Some of the staff have chosen to retire, but Christine will not be one of them and she will now be bringing her determined and caring nature to a new batch of customers.

Sophie Broadbent said: "I was gutted that the store moved because I don't think any of us wanted to move at all.

"Christine wanted to come up just to give it a go, so it's just about embracing it, but it's hard because going from being on clothing for 50 years to going on to food is like a different world."

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