A DAD-of-three who pushed his victim to the floor and kicked him in the head in a town centre bar has appeared in court.

Martin William Ryan faced magistrates after the 3am incident at Arribar in Barrow’s Cavendish Street.

A video played to the court showed the defendant appear to kick the victim in the head after throwing him to the floor.

The 42-year-old, of Tamar Gardens on Walney, pleaded guilty to using threatening or abuse language and admitted that he was ‘extremely drunk’.

The ‘unprovoked’ attack happened just before 3am in the Mexican restaurant and bar.

Prosecutor Lee Dacre told South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court: “It happens on Sunday February 2 at 2.56am.

“The complainant in this case is a Mr Moscrop who was drinking in Arribar.

“The complainant has walked past the defendant and tapped him on the arm."

CCTV images from the bar played at the court showed Ryan push the victim to the floor and kick him.

“A member of door staff saw a male on the floor," said Mr Dacre.

“The defendant was shouting loudly and his body language looked like he was ready for a fight.

“The other male was apologetic.”

In a police interview, Ryan was said to have told officers: “If you’re swung at you defend yourself.”

Mr Dacre also said the defendant told police he ‘couldn’t remember’ the incident and was ‘extremely drunk’ at the time.

The court heard Ryan had six previous convictions for 12 offences, including assaulting a police officer and causing actual bodily harm.

The defendant was represented in court by duty solicitor Karen Templeton, who said Ryan sincerely regretted his actions in the bar and explained his record of convictions.

She said: “Mr Ryan feels extremely bad about this.

“His previous convictions are from when he was a young man.

“He’s a completely different person to who he was then.

“He has been to the doctor about depression because he feels extremely bad about what he’s done.

“He feels very guilty about what has happened.

“He has limited recollection of this man making a nuisance of himself, dancing with his wife.

“He makes no excuses.

"He’s really appalled by his own behaviour.

“He might well lose his job over this.

"He accepts responsibility.”

The court heard the defendant was a married father of three.

Magistrates, led by chair of the bench Stephen Sim, gave the defendant credit for his guilty plea and sentenced Ryan to a community order.

He will have to stay inside under curfew between 7pm and 7am for the next 26 weeks.

Ryan was also handed a £90 surcharge to fund victim services as well as £85 in costs to the Crown Prosecution Service for bringing the case to court.

Addressing the defendant, Mr Sim explained the aggravated circumstances of the offence.

He said: “This was an unprovoked attack and you were drunk.

“It was the early hours and there was a shod foot involved.”