MORE bones thought to be human have been discovered near a beach.

Police said a specialist search team had discovered more human remains near Thorny Nook on Walney.

The new discoveries came after a walker found two bones among rocks near the beauty spot’s car park with one of them identified initially by police as a human leg bone.

Further investigations are taking place into the other bones found.

Police said carbon dating on a human skull found in the same location in 2015 revealed the remains dated back to the 1600s.

Now officers have said they are working with the Barrow research group Art Gene in attempt to identify the origins of the bones.

A spokeswoman said: “Barrow Police can confirm as result of the discovery and identification of a human femur a specialist trained search team attended the scene on Friday (24 July).

“Following initial assessment, it appears there are other similar remains within the coastal area.

“The coroner has been updated, and enquiries are ongoing locally with the international research facility ‘Art Gene’ who are involved in the coastal defence project to identify the likely origin.

“As with the previous incident, whilst the ‘skull’ bone was carbon-dated any discovery of human remains’ will be thoroughly investigated with consideration for the family whatever the likely time lapse.”

Thorny Nook lies on South Walney in the area of Biggar Village.

The beauty spot is a popular place for dog walkers.

The bones were discovered in the area last Wednesday in the coastal rock formation.

A police spokeswoman said last week: “Barrow Police can confirm the recovery of two bones found by a member of the public in the coastal rock formation below Thorny Nook car park, Biggar Bank Lane, Walney.

"The discovery was reported shortly after 3.00pm. Initial examination has identified one of the bones to be a human femur. Further forensic anthropology tests are to take place.”